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McCurtain County
Tourism Authority

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Around the Beavers Bend

McCurtain County Tourism Authority

The mountains of McCurtain County, Oklahoma, are full of the unexpected. Including 600 gorgeous cabins available every night of the year. With a well-known state park in the center of it all, we developed a brand system that connects everything and makes it much easier for a visitor to find out what else is around the Beavers Bend. It just might be Bigfoot. was named a Webpick of the Day by the prestigious Communication Arts magazine. For more on that: Press Release.

Services Provided

  • Analytics
  • Branding & Campaigns
  • Environment & Experiences
  • Media & Social
  • Pay per Click & Search
  • Strategy & Ideation
  • Web & Mobile

Our Focus

Cubic creates game-changing ideas – ideas that blend design, technology and culture. We are both business-driven artists and strategic technocrats.

We focus on telling rich and compelling stories that build brand loyalty and authenticity supported by intelligence and insights.

And, we have a portfolio to prove it.

Who We Are

Sometimes we turn people off by our candor. This could be one of those times.

The “about us” section on every agency website states pretty much the same thing. We’re going to change the world! The status quo is unacceptable. We know the right buttons to push. We are a collection of passionate people diverse in our experience and then, voila, here’s a list of all the services we do. We’re not really into lists but are really proud of the work we do.

We offer strategic, creative and interactive services that you can find in any major city in the world. We just believe we have a different way of doing things. We don’t have a cute name or cool infographic for the process – we try to keep it simple. We learn, imagine and create.

So what makes us different? Nothing. And Everything.

Billy Kulkin
President + Chief Executive Officer
Family, dad, coach, life enthusiast, college football addict, tennis, ping pong champ, loves politics (not politicians), hates to lose, hot sauce on everything, P90X, Gustavo the Great.
Harry Ashbaugh
Director of Digital Strategies
He is a double espresso or cappuccino drinking father of triplets. Passionate about helping clients understand how customers experience their brand online and how search engines, social media, and Websites impact customer perceptions. Creator of effective marketing and technology strategies that improve customer relations, increase market awareness and achieve company online goals.
Jeff DeGarmo
Vice President + Chief Technology Officer
Tecumseh said it well - Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things in your life. Faith-filled husband and father of 5. Ironman triathlete with an obsession for fitness and nutrition. Aerospace Engineer by schooling, Naval Flight Officer by training, and Programmer by passion. Loves numbers and logic. When all else fails – Attack Life!
Winston Peraza
Vice President + Chief Creative Officer
Design is a way of life, lived in four countries, speak four languages, contemporary art & music, family man with time to play, painting, sculpting, furniture design, snowboarding, tennis, pacifist, intense and direct is always better, hates mediocrity and anything "average". Life's too short and the world too small, enjoy!
Meaghan Gipson
Account + Media Manager
Effortlessly balancing the ambition and smarts of Mary Tyler Moore and the ideal Mother/Wife persona of June Cleaver, Meaghan still manages to do it all without having a complete nervous breakdown (most of the time). She has a voracious appetite for marketing, problem solving and her clients. It is that passion that gives her energy to help find creative solutions to build business for her clients.
KC Meyercord
Project Manager
KC is native to the far lands of Dallas, Texas but was brought here to attend the University of Tulsa. He decided that he liked Tulsa too much to leave, and armed with a certificate in advertising, he entered the industry as our intern. We transformed him into our project manager.
Nikki Lamson
Digital Strategist
Nikki is responsible for identifying online marketing opportunities and implementing online marketing tactics ranging from Paid Search (SEM), Natural Search (SEO), Display Advertising, Email, and Social Web for client brands. Her range of skills are vast and include unique tactics, digital measurement, visual presentation of complicated data, and a little PHP coding to boot.
Phillip Dillon
Web Developer + Digital Designer
Phillip’s education and early profession focused on design. He quickly realized that the ideal mediums for his artistic talent were website, interactive, and animation. Since 1999 he has worked with startups and interactive agencies to incorporate online best practices for each of his projects. Phillip immerses himself into every project and commits to mastering the tools necessary for each job.
Greg Tatum
Senior Web Developer + Digital Designer
If you want to know about electro-sensing pores on sharks, how to use a MIG welder, algorithmic efficiencies, or the rise and fall of ancient Alexandria, just ask Greg. The guiding principle behind his work is to find the middle ground between the technical and creative, and explore it to make magic happen.
Libby Bender
Vice President + Chief Branding Officer
Insanely curious, addicted to new, fueled by ideas. That’s me, the classic Sagittarian. I like creativity in all of its forms. But I’m most interested in human beings, and why we do the crazy things we do. That’s why after 16 years client-side marketing and three different gigs as marketing director I left for the intrigue of agency-side brand planning.
Andrew Barron
Art Director
As a graphic designer, Andrew has 4 years of experience under his belt specializing in typography, photography, illustration, and motion design. More impressively, his nearly 20 years of creative experience constructing things with Legos has helped him develop his ingenuity in design and his comfort when thinking outside of the box. Andrew joined Cubic after graduating from Oklahoma State University with a BFA in graphic design in 2014.
Katy Livingston
Art Director
Katy is a color palette connoisseur with a hunger for collage and a thirst for typography. A native Tulsan, Katy has also lived in exotic locales such as Lawrence, KS, where she spent many a sleepless night obtaining a Visual Communications degree. Katy draws on years of diverse experience, exceptional problem-solving skills and a zest for eye-catching design to provide each client the complete package of aesthetic appeal.
De Randolph
De spent her early career as an Executive Pastry Chef for major hotel chains and co-owned her own restaurant. Eventually, she switched careers to accounting and worked in various industries. She was the accountant for circle S studio in Richmond, Virginia and after working with their talented team, she was hooked on the world of creative design. As De would put it, "I'd rather be tracking the dough than rolling it!"
Michelle Singer
Account Director + Client Partner
Michelle has many years of professional marketing and advertising experience. Before joining Cubic she contributed and managed several initiatives for Fair Isaac Corp., Consumer Logic, Littlefield, and more. Michelle enjoys close partnerships with her clients and applies the knowledge and expertise of Cubic to accelerate their success.
Brad Webb
Account Manager
Brad Webb is a passionate account manager with over 16 years of experience ranging from digital to traditional mediums. He received his bachelor degree from Oklahoma State University in 1997. His analytical and strategic ability allows teams to thrive. He values relationships and makes colleagues and clients feel like friends.
Megan Shepherd
Copywriter by day, other writer by night. Megan has experience with creative and editorial writing across several audiences, including brand blogging for international clients and published works in various national and regional publications. Loves traveling and cooking, hates snakes and early mornings. Sounds like tongue-in-cheek with a dash of sass.

Who You Are

Don’t hire us. Unless you want to succeed. Really.

Let’s face it, most businesses sell features and benefits – great customer service, great shopping, great parks, great food, great place to live, great price, great people, and the list goes on and on. With a plethora of competitors that “sell” the same features and benefits, why would someone choose you? The truth is most businesses are delivering the same message to the same set of customers, and frequently spending money in the wrong places to reach them.

Instead of doing what everyone else is already doing, we take our clients down an entirely different path that connects an evidence-based approach to a creative strategy that builds brand loyalty, authenticity and love to maximize every penny you spend. It’s that simple.

If you believe that creative solutions have to drive business and are looking for ideas that intentionally move your business forward, then you are the right fit for Cubic.